Zero Tolerance, Zero Sense


I just ran across an old Time magazine article I had saved. While it has nothing directly to do with Automated Traffic Enforcement, it occurred to me that it would make good reading for city councils and/or police departments considering what leeway should be given to offenses caught on cameras - particularly turning right on red.

It will take a few minutes to read, but it makes the point that good old "common sense" should prevail.,9171,2058220,00....

Good read - thanks



Yes... seems sense has gone out the window.

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Common sense is gone.

Common sense is gone.

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The death of common sense

Sometimes You Gotta Bend The Rules

The ABSOLUTELY STRICT enforcement of traffic laws without the opportunity for judgement or appeal is particularly troubling for those of us who ride motorcycles. Just one example: I'm on my motorcycle, doing a couple of km/h over the limit (already an infraction) but apparently not fast enough for the guy crawling up my back in his [insert very large vehicle here]. If I'm approaching an intersection and the signal turns amber I'm NOT going to pile on the brakes and let him crush me from behind. Instead, I'll twist my wrist and get through the intersection (and odds are good that the tailgater will follow).

Now, I'm NOT saying that motorcyclists should be exempt from traffic laws, or that the yahoos on their crotch-rockets should not be discouraged from riding recklessly. I'm simply recognizing the fact that self-preservation will occasionally trump the letter of the law.

Been there...

done that, mind you it was 30yrs ago. I guess some things don't change. Self-preservation always comes first.


Where ever and when ever

The gubmint can act without sense, they will.

Especially if money is involved.

Drivers are required to move

Drivers are required to move out of the way for an emergency vehicle. Red light cameras make some drivers reluctant to move into an intersection with a red light.

I understand about a third of all red light tickets are for drivers not stopping before turning right on red. Probably revenue driven but some drivers don't even slow down. Some don't seem to understand pediatricians and other cars have the right of way.


a Baby Doctor doing in the intersection?

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That's valid only if you catch him in your parochial vision. wink

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camerabob wrote:

That's valid only if you catch him in your parochial vision. wink

No, I "believe" that would be a Presbyterian.

I was pondering to perhaps

I was pondering to perhaps pen a phrase but I profess I cannot equal: pediatrian - pedestrian - parochial - Prysbeterian.




Thanks so much for that, jgermann. Good to reinforce that reason still exists.

I just hope our sons and daughters can do a better job than us in undoing the insanity we've let ourselves slide down into.

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Right turn on red

Listened to a Driver's Education instructor. His point is people think they don't have to stop to turn right on red, like they have a green arrow. Unfortunately the attitude is to look to see if I have to stop, rather than stop, look, then go.