Amazon's new electronics trade in program

"Amazon announced that its Trade-In program will now accept consumer electronics. That means anyone who wants to trade-in consumer electronics, along with other goods, can send a box to Amazon and receive an Amazon gift card in exchange. Amazon originally launched its trade-in program in 2009, and until now it only accepted games, text books, and movies."

I checked the trade in value of my Garmin 340, it was $25.00. It's a great condition, I have the original packaging (not that it made a difference to Amazon). Not sure I'd get anymore in a private sale.

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Better than Best Buy's program

This is a lot better than Best Buy's trade-in program. At least with amazon you don't have to pay a fee up front at the time you buy the item new for the "privilege" of trading in your item towards a new one locked in to Best Buy's prices which are generally higher than amazon's.

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