Apple Hill in El Dorado County, CA, USA


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Last updated 05/29/2011

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From their website:

Founded in 1964, the Apple Hill® Association practically invented the “local” in local. From the very beginning, the goal of the farmer members was to offer the consumer an opportunity to enjoy the freshest fruits of the harvest with products straight off the farm.

“Eat local and fresh” continues to be the message of the Apple Hill® growers. The farmers invite you to come to the ranches and take home fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and Christmas trees. They invite you to enjoy products, including baked goods, jams, jellies, ciders, olive oil and wines, freshly made from the harvest. They invite you to meet them at local farmers’ markets and share their passion for the cornucopia of freshness.

And while you eat local and fresh, have fun. Through forty-seven seasons, Apple Hill® farm families have shared pleasurable times with your families. As you celebrate the local bounty, you continue to help sustain the family farms of Apple Hill® for future generations to relish and enjoy.

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