Cooperative Coffees members (fair-trade coffeeshops)

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Last updated 12/13/2010

Raw file: CooperativeCoffeesMembers.csv (2.29 KB)

Includes 22 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: FL, GA, KY, MI, TN, TX
  • Canada: ON, QC, YT
  • some may be in: IN, MA, RI (near a border)

This is a list of all known coffeeshops in the US and Canada who are members of Cooperative Coffees (, a co-op of independent coffeehouses and local coffeehouse chains who deal in certified fair-trade coffee and tea.

The listing was initially based on a personal POI listing for Heine Bros. Coffee (a local coffeehouse chain that is a Cooperatives Coffees co-op member) but was expanded to the full listing in the interest of keeping this a broadly useful POI.

Almost all coffeehouses in this listing are also very active in local community initiatives (including locavore initiatives and promotion of locally-produced goods), so these are a good choice if you want to support local economies whilst traveling.

All locations are from the individual websites of members of the co-op operating coffeehouses or cafes (there are some Cooperative Coffees members who are roaster-distributors only who do not operate cafes or coffeehouses which are not included) and geocoded via Extra POI Editor. (The sole exception involved a very remote coffeehouse in Yukon Territory that did not have addresses save for kilometer marking addresses (as typical for far-north addresses on a highway) and which was mapped manually in Google Maps.)