Washington, DC Mobile Speed Camera Locations


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Last updated 09/28/2010

Raw file: DC Mobile Speed Cameras.csv (3.6 KB)

Includes 44 locations in the following areas:

  • some may be in: DC, MD, VA (near a border)

This POI file contains the possible locations (to the block) of mobile speed cameras operated by the Metropolitan PD. The info is from their web site where locations are listed as to what block cameras may be on. The MPD has 12 units to use across these 40+ locations.

I did a little fine tuning of the locations - moving the lat,lon to the middle of the block for medium length blocks and, in some cases, adding a second location at the other end of the block if it was a very long block or a street where the actual block extent was not easy to determine from google maps. Speed limits are not used in the file.