Traffic on 540M? Simple as buying traffic reciever?


I recently took advantage of the Amazon Gold Box deal on the TomTom.

Haven't used it yet, but the software and download functionality is way superior to the Garmin (1350T) and the Navigon (7200T) that I have owned.

I have a feeling I'm going to miss my traffic updates. Is it really as simple as buying the right car charger/antenna? And does anyone know where they are cheap?

I found one on ebay that claims to work with GO 540, but I don't know if it's compatible with the XXL 540. Any help?

Thanks a ton!

Traffic Receiver for TT XXL 540M?

I essentially have the same question. I ordered the 540M but soon afterward realized I had intended to order the XXL 540TM. It is due to arrive tomorrow but I intend to refuse the order and send it back, as I really wanted to have the traffic capability. I note on some websites that there is a traffic receiver available for a good price, but am wondering if they are compatible with the xxl 540m and whether or not they perform as well as the xxl 540TM as regards traffic reporting? If they are, and I find out in time, I'll keep the xxl 540m and then buy the traffic receiver.

"Traffic Ready"

The instructions for the device say that it is "traffic ready." I don't really understand. It seems to say that I just need the receiver, but I just don't know.

I find this slightly discouraging, as all the traffic receivers I have seen have specified which models they work with and none have specified the XXL 540.


I did return the XXL540M that I purchased and turned around and bought the XXL540TM. The power cord that comes with the XXL540TM has a "bubble" in the cord, which I assume is the traffic receiver. I haven't checked out traffic yet, as the area I live in isn't covered by the traffic service. Will have to wait till I go on a trip to check it out.