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My wife and I took a rather short trip to a restaurant and used my Garmin 340. I didn't realize it at the time, but I set the address to the wrong city in Maryland, but with the correct street address. The gps went literally bezerk, re-calculating after every street I passed. Here's my obeservation: I could detect an annoyed voice coming from Jill, my onboard Garmin speaker. Am I just imagining this?


Other people (mostly men) have said the same thing about Miss Jill.


hmmmmm ...

I don't think so. I know a

I don't think so. I know a fellow who loves to here Jill recalculate and always ignores her command and has stated she does eventually gets upset..

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Emily gets upset too

I use British Emily voice and I detect the same annoyed tone of voice. Over Christmas I was visiting my family, and installed by 2720 in my sister's car for something to do while we were running around town.

My sister made a couple of extra stop, circled around a post office parking lot a couple of times and even my sister said the Emily was upset.

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Don't like Jill

Jill DOES exhibit irritation after a couple recalculations! It wasn't just me. My wife said "I can't believe you'd listen to such a caustic voice, when you use to give me dirty looks when I said something similar before you got that stupid device". I switched to Jack, and not only does he pronounce street names better, but he doesn't get "nasty" with me if I made a mistake.


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Try Karen

I have not noticed any annoying tone after too many 'recalculating'...and there's her 'cute' little affectation of saying "branch" instead of "Business route"...

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it could be worse guys, What

it could be worse guys, What would it be like if the opposite happened and they praised you when you did what they told you to time after time.

Jill could say
"Wow you are doing so good, I have not had to recalculate at all today. I am so proud of you, you are a good listener."

Just my two cents

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Wrong side of the GPS

What if she just stopped talking to you for a couple of days, and you have no idea why?

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Then it Would be Your Spouse.


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Not likely

If Jill ever spoke the words "your going the wrong way idiot! now listen to me!"
THEN it would my spouse:)

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I was going to say that Jill

I was going to say that Jill sounds a LOT like my ex sometimes, but you've beaten me to it. smile

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