HUD (Heads Up Display)


Springteq ( has announced a HUD for GPS systems. Looks like it could be a nice feature.

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Can hardly see it!

If we can hardly see it in the video, how hard will it be to use in sunlight? Looks like they have a LONG way to go before they have a real product there.


Having been involved in the design and manufacture of many HUDs for aircraft use, I can tell you that the optics are not easy. In other words, read expensive.
It's not surprising that even after about 30 years it's not common in commercial aircraft, let alone automobiles.

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not easy, not cheap--

not only expensive, but viewing position (head and eye position) is pretty critical. These and other problems go up (quickly) with the density of the data you want to display.

but you could say much the same thing about early automatic transmissions -- who would ever want to put up with such an unwieldy, expensive, and unreliable mechanism?

given time, it will happen -- plenty of time.

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ugh. looks horrible compared

ugh. looks horrible compared to a nice GPS on a hi res smartphone screen on the dash at just below eye level.

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What about...

...dirty windshield, fogged up, rain? How do things like that affect it?

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HUD the next big GPSr break through

zurk wrote:

ugh. looks horrible compared to a nice GPS on a hi res smartphone screen on the dash at just below eye level.

That's only because your blinders are blocking the view! Your only kidding right.

A significant proportion of car crashes (22.7%) can be attributed to driver distraction which includes anything that draws the drivers focus of attention away from the traffic ahead. Kind of like a smartphone screen on the dash at just below eye level.


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Can't Wait

Can't wait to see what the courts do with HUD. The difference between airplane and auto is a lot of flying is instrument observation (airspeed, compass and or GPS, artificial horizon, turn & bank indicator and engine instruments), in the auto it's outside observation. Obviously HUD was developed for the Fighter Pilot who not only deals with regular instrumentation scan, but has to be looking outside of the canopy for the enemy, etc. Well the bottom line is the pilot has a lot more training then anyone driving a car.

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I agree with Bilson. There are some states that will not let you mount a GPS on the window so as not let it be a distraction. How will they feel about a moving display on the window? I only have to look at my GPS if it gives me a alert.

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My HUD works well in bright sunlight

I have the factory GM heads up display in my C5 Corvette and it works very well even in bright sunlight but as others have pointed out it is expensive. It also requires a specially coated windshield that runs about $1000 additional.

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