Historic Vessels of the United States & Canada

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Last updated 10/25/2014

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This POI file is an attempt to list all the historically significant ships that reside in museums or are still in use today. For the working ships, great pains were taken to ensure the home berth of each ship was accurate, however since I cannot physically go and visit all the ships I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in this regard.

The changelog for the current version and the list of missing vessels can be found at http://www.poi-factory.com/node/28959 . If anyone finds the exact location of a missing vessel on the list, or a vessel that neither appears in the POI file or on the missing vessels list, contact me through my contact page.

Disclaimer: The links on this page were updated as of the date shown below the title. Boats move; typos happen. If you plan a visit, please confirm the boat's location, hours of operation, and whether reservations are required. The coordinates in this file are as accurate as possible, but are not guaranteed. If you find the boat of your dreams, please shout it out to the world.

Change History

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    1 New Ship (Libby's No. 23)

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    Fixed some typos caused by a global search and replace that were not caught in 2.2.5.

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    Three new ships added: SS Minnow (of Gilligan's Island fame), Fish Tug Almidart, and Logging Boat W. D. Stalker.

  • Strephon_Alkhalikoi - Apr 12, 2011
    Fish Tug Jane removed from file and replaced by Fish Tug Ginny.

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    RV Hero found. NRHP listing up to date as of 2/6/11 (no new ships added to listing since 10/8/10).

  • Strephon_Alkhalikoi - Oct 8, 2010
    3 new ships (NOAAS John N. Cobb, Schooners Shearwater and Clipper City). File reflects current NRHP listings as of 10/8/10.

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    17 new ships added, including several from the missing ships list.

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