Should there be a law against shaving, um, down there, while driving?

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Common Sense

Another example of common sense not being common anymore. Hope she didn't cut herself.

I think I now have finally heard everything!

I think I now have finally heard everything! wink

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dagarmin wrote:

Turns out Florida may have an issue here:

All I can add is WOW and stay off the road in Florida !!

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I wonder?

Would they have mailed her a photo cam ticket if she got flashed?


Look on the bright side. At least no one was killed by her coochie.

Sorry, couldn't resist!!

Intelligence Optional

You can't fix stupid.

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Ban it!

Ban it!
Because it is a cash cow.


thanks for the laugh...

And on top of that her

And on top of that her ex-husband was riding shotgun while she "prepared" herself for a vist with her boyfriend? Umm...okay... wink

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How did the officer actually

How did the officer actually find this out???


They rear-ended the other vehicle doing 45 mph and then drove another 1/2 mile down the road before returning?

Sounds like a shaggy tail to me...

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There's just so much that's so wrong about this story it's hard to know where to start! She was convicted of DUI with a prior the day before the crash, had her license suspended again and her car was supposed to have been impounded. So while she's driving illegally, presumably trying to avoid anything that would attract the attention of law enforcement, she's working on the landing strip for her boyfriend while her ex steers the car. You can't make this stuff up! And no charges against the ex for steering into the other vehicle. wow.

Read the story

tortuga wrote:

How did the officer actually find this out???

Burns from the passenger side airbag deployment proved the ex was on that side of the car. The steering wheel bag didn't deploy and she had no burns/injuries indicating she was on the left side. The two swapped positions after the accident.

Cheers wink

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Interesting read

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OK, now that is stupid...

OK, now that is stupid...

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Haha oh my

Haha oh my

Darwin disrupted?

There are way too many stupid people out there! If we (i.e., our governments) would give up trying to protect the stupid from being stupid, perhaps 'natural selection' would correct the over-abundance of stupid people!

Don GO4IT!

Driving in Florida

I knew there was a reason I didn't want to drive in Florida. And we thought illegal aliens driving without a license were a problem!!

Driving In Florida, Part II

I can attest to this since I have lived in several areas in Florida, and am currently visiting South Florida. I absolutely hate driving here. Every single day that I get on the roads here, I am repeatedly reminded that I am surrounded by stupidity.

The Gene Pool ...

Needs some chlorine.

It is truly amazing.

If you ain't got pictures, I wasn't there.



Now thats a SPECIAL kind of

Now thats a SPECIAL kind of stoopid.

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Should there be a law against shaving, down there, while driving

It depends on, if I'm in the next lane or not!

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Danger to the Public.

Is she what you may call a danger to the pubic?

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And I thought drivers here

And I thought drivers here were wacko.

Some People?

She got off lightly for her accident. Another thing about this that gets me is the no insurance. People who drive without auto insurance should have their cars impounded and their licenses revoked for a minimum of 3 years. This woman and her husband should get a long jail sentence for this ridiculous act. They are lucky no one was killed.

Further proof that the End of Days is near ;) >>>

seems to me Natural Selection will someday solve this problem smile

"You can't get there from here"

Shallow end of the gene pool

TMK wrote:

seems to me Natural Selection will someday solve this problem smile

Unfortunately survival of the fittest takes waaaaay too long. Those people are definitely from the shallow end of the gene pool.


Thanks for the laugh. I wonder if this is urban legend.

Close Shave..!

Boy she had a "Close Shave". redface She could have hurt herself worse than she did. wink rolleyes


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I don't think any guys would

I don't think any guys would try that-- to much to lose!

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Shoulda used

Shoulda used a Flowbee.

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Farding and any other personal grooming of any kind

Should be illegal while a vehicle is in motion.

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