Adding a icon to 255w


How do I add a custom icon to the list of icons already on the 255W data base from garmin? I have lighthouse icon from POI Factory's list of icons that I would like to use on a site I down loaded from google Maps into my "Favorites". How do I do that or is it impossable?


If you create a custom POI, it is possible.

Name both poi and icon.bmp the same. This is critical!

• lighthouse.gpx (.csv etc.)
• lighthouse.bmp

Add to "x:/Garmin/POI/Lighthouse/" folder on your computer, upload via the POI Loader and that's it.

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Goggle maps downloads

Thank you Juggernat.

I've seen on previous post that on custom POI's created though Microsoft Excel and notebook it can be done. (haven't done it yet) but a lot of my sites are down loaded though 'Google Maps' and these are the site I'd like to put on the costum Icons. The list of Icons on the pre-loaded page from Garmin are limited.