Cruise ship ports (GPX)


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Last updated 07/19/2015

Raw file: Cruise ship ports.gpx (11.12 KB)

Cruise Ship Ports.JPG

Name change 2-9-10.Updated 4-17-10.Change in piers for Seattle WA thanks to rsymington 6-30-10.Change in coordinates 7-1-10.Updated 11-26-10.Updated 3-1-11.Updated 6-4-11.Updated 9-17-11.Updated 11-13-11.Updated 1-23-12.Updated 5-31-2013.Updated 11-16-13.Updated 1-14-14.Updated 7-18-14.Updated 12-21-14.Added pier 27 to Port San Francisco CA, thanks to Thrak 12-22-14.Updated 4-9-15.Updated 7-19-15.

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