Down loading POI files


I could download GPX files to Microsoft Streets & Trips but I can't download CSV files.It shows up on the map but in one location not spread out to all locations.Could anyone give me information as far as downloading CSV files to Streets & Trips? Thank You

Tommy Calderon

csv files into Streets & Trips

You can convert your csv file to a GPX file and import it into S&T. You can also import an Excel .xls file into S&T using the import data wizzard. It has to be formatted properly. See this thread & download the POIBuilderII.xls file to see excel example.


Thank you for the response

Thank you for the response I'm still learning how to customize my map.This information will help out alot and I must say this's a good web site.

Tommy Calderon

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While we're at it, let me welcome you to the site.

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csv files into Streets & Trips

Tom you can import csv straight into S&t and you don't need to convert them. Here is what I do
How to import csv poi’s into Microsoft Streets & Trips.

1. Open up S&T
2. Click on Data at top of map
3. Click on Import Data Wizard
4. Click on the poi you have saved on your hard drive.
5. If the file type is not a csv type change it.
6. Click open
7. Select the country/region ( united states, Canada, or where your at.
8. On the data type change them as follows
9. 1 Long 2 Lat 3 Name 4 Address
10. Click Finish and they it will import to your map
11. You will see it in the column on the left of the map
12. To change the pushpin right click and select properties.
13. Scroll down until you find the symbol you want or you can import custom symbols that you have save.
14. When you are finished save the map under a new name. Then when you want to plan a trip just open this custom map and your poi’s will be there.
15. After you plan a trip then save the map again under a different name.

If you have trouble contact me off line an I will help you more.
Good Luck and have fun with this site.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T