Red Light Cameras


Just took my first trip with my GPS and that red light camera file is right on the mark.
Thanks Miss POI

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giggle giggle

Just doing my job, I couldn't have done it without all my little red light camera reporters out there. Miss Poi has eyeballs all over the USA and Canada now. Makes me feel really special. I just know that when you start seeing suspicious activity at an intersection you immediately think of me;)

Miss Poi

Red Lights

Just came back from visiting my folks in Redding, Calif. and it worked!! All of a sudden a alarm came on and I looked at my 530 and told me of a camera coming up, what a great thing.

Didn't know my way around by my folks but it didn't matter because I found everything I was looking for when I enter an address or place.

Nuvi 50LM Nuvi 2555LM