Boise State


Guess there must be some smiling faces in Boise, Today. grin


Yeah, Boise State played a great game.

I'm just glad they didn't play on that blue field. That thing makes my eyes hurt. laugh out loud

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Yup we are pretty

Yup we are pretty proud;)

Miss POI

Boise resident

Yup, I was thinking things

Yup, I was thinking things might get pretty rough around here, if they Now, the only question is....after the championship game this week...should they be # 1? # 2 or # 3?

Rough around here

Nope not at all. Jon and are computer geeks, we don't follow sports at all.

I have many friends that are obsessed with the team and the sport and they are really happy right now.

Miss POI

Boise State

As a fellow resident of Boise, I too am proud of their accomplishments, on and off the field.

2nd team in history to record a 14-0 record.

Coach Pete is as he presents himself on TV and in public. He will not get into the public debate about the BCS standings. He will let the team record speak for itself. He will let the BCS correct itself.

He enjoys the underdog standing he has twice enjoyed in BCS bowl games. The idiot talking heads at ESPN will continue to put their foot in their mouths about Boise State. When will they learn?

Apparently never!

If you ain't got pictures, I wasn't there.