Garmin 465T and Line-Breaks?


I REALLY need to have this sorted out quick as I leave to go back OTR tomorrow or the next day...

I've got a .csv file That I've created via Excel 2007.
I'm also running Extra POI Editor v4.02.

The file I've created has some data in the "comment" column like so:

Item 1, Item 2
Item 3, Item 4, Item 5
Item 6, ETC

To go to the next line, I've used the ALT-ENTER method.

When I load my file on my 465T, I get the following result:

Item 1, Item 2Item 3, Item 4, Item 5Item 6, ETC

Does anyone know of a fix for this?
I NEED the data to display as originally formatted.

FWIW, I've also got over three hundred entries to "fix", so if I need to reformat the Excel file keep in mind that the Find and Replace function won't work for me when trying to find ALT-ENTER or ALT-0010.
I'll need a "fix" for that as well I suppose...

Thanks in advance...

Edited to Add:

I've tried the "pipe" ---> | <--- method also. No joy...

You may need

You may need the XML version - < BR > with no spaces around the BR

Download a copy of the ASAP utilities for Excel.

It will make your life a lot easier.

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OK, I've replaced all the line breaks with the

< br >

That didn't work, so I tried again with < BR > (all CAPS), and that did the trick.
I didn't even need an XML version...

BTW, that ASAP Utility plugin really is SWEET!!!

Thanks a_user!!!

Update Extra_POI_Editor to v4.48+

You should also update EPE to v4.48 or newer. There are now some options to deal with the line breaks for CSV and GPX files. See in Option-Preferences.

Edit: EPE will also convert your line breaks to the specified character(s) without having to use a different utility.

Sry for the late reply...

Power was out...


I updated EPE after my original post and subsequent edit.
I was snooping around this site and saw a newer version posted. I then went to your site and upgraded.

I was unable to get the line breaks to show up with any method other than converting my ALT-ENTER keystrokes in < BR > keystrokes... :-?

You may want to look into your code and see if you can have EPE automatically save ALT-ENTER keystrokes as < BR >...
It sure would save us POI creators some time by not having to resort to the < BR > method.

Perhaps it's just me not using it properly, but this is what I ended up doing:

I converted all my ALT-ENTER keystrokes into < BR > in my .xls file.
I set the GPX Output to < br > in EPE.
I loaded my .xls file into EPE.
In EPE, I Saved As, and got my output.gpx file.
I was then able to load the output.gpx file to my device via Garmin's POI Loader.

Line breaks then appeared as I wanted them to.

All is right in my world now. wink



This is interesting! (I say that often. LOL! I think every new problem brings a new challenge and knowledge).

It seems your GPS makes a difference between <BR> and <br>. EPE always uses <br> which could explain why it is not working for some of the 7x5 models.

I guess I will have to make a change and support <BR> from now on.


turboccc wrote:

This is interesting! (I say that often. LOL! I think every new problem brings a new challenge and knowledge).

Glad to hear that! wink


Man, you're quick! I guess that's why you've got "turbo" in your name...razz

Thanks again all!

V449 is out

V4.49 is out. I have added the new line break support and a few more things.