Nation's Giant Hamburgers


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Last updated 12/08/2009

Raw file: Nations Giant Hamburgers.csv (2.19 KB)

Includes 24 locations in the following area:

  • United States: CA

This is my first attempt and I hope it's good.

I made a file of all Nations Giant Hamburgers, a local burger chain in San Francisco for my visit to the US.

I took the addresses from the official website and entered the data. I used the co-ordinates off GPS Visualizer's Address Locator, following the directions in the FAQ on how to create the CSV file.

I'm unable to tell if they're accurate until I actually travel there. However, if you are nearby and these co-ordinates are wrong, please let me know.

edit: Hmmm.... I just realised there are errors in the file. I don't know why. They work fine in my Garmin.