POI Loader Help Please


Invaild string, I have XP svc pk 3 with all the updates, poiloader 2.5.2, it will delete my custom poi in extras, but will not reload them. i have tried 2.5.3 same problem,

Garmin-Nuvi 855, 200W, etrex vista

Things to check

I have the same operating system as you do. Your first statement said "invalid string". Is this the error message that you get when processing your csv file using POI Loader? If so then you have a bad field in your csv file. Obviously you have your GPS device mounted to your PC, since POI Loader can delete the file. There is nothing wrong with POI Loader, there is a bad entry in your csv file. I forgot to ask, do you have bmp,wav,mp3 files associated with the csv file? If so I would remove them from the processing directory and eliminate them as a possible problem source and add them back one at a time..

Hope this makes some sense.

Try this

I have had no problems with POI Loader with the same s/w. I suggest you redownload a single file from this site and execute POI Loader with that single file. If it works, you know for certain it is not your s/w. Then you can add 1 file at a time (or half) each time, to isolate the bad file.

Isolate error

If you have only one CVS you are trying to load, this is fairly easy to isolate the problem. Very boring, but easy.

Make a backup copy of the csv. Edit it with Excel or Wordpad and remove half of the POIs. Save, but do not close Excel. Try to load this new file with POI Loader.

If you still get the error, edit the file again and remove half the poi. If you did not get an error, do an "Undo" Ctrl-Z and delete the other half instead. Remove again half of the POIs and save. Try to load the new file with POI Loader.

And so on...

Removing half of the POIs everytime will allow you to converge on the bad POI rapidly. If the file has 1000 POIs, it will take around 10 tries.


IT WORKED !!!!!!!

Thanks for the help, I loaded one file and it went thru. now have to load a few at a time to see which file is bad. i used wav files and have sox.exe load, man I love this site!

Garmin-Nuvi 855, 200W, etrex vista

Find bad line in POI file

I had this problem several months ago. As I recall, when the CSV file was being loaded with the POI Loader, it gave me an error msg that the file was bad. But it also gave me info as to how many lines were loaded before it failed. I opened the file with Excel and went down to that line. With one file that failed, I could see a field that was screwed up. With another, it looked good, but when I deleted that line, the file loaded. So I just manually reentered the info for the bad line and it was OK after that.