Desperate Navigon 2200T User


Hi All,

I bought Navigon 2200T after doing research at an unbelievable bargain price of $69. I thought I made my research well, but after having the real unit on my hand, I realized that Navigon had pulled out of NA; leaving us without support. The unit so far is the best features I have seen in GPS units, so I tend to keep it.
I wonder if the POI-Warner software can convert POI for this unit, and if the Mobile Navigator 6 is the correct one to purchase? Also another question would be; will it install itself into SD card or the flash in the unit itself? So far, anything I tried to use from the SD card rendered useless, but I would prefer it to work there, as if it makes permanent changes in the unit itself, then it would be a hassle to uninstall it, in case if I do not like it.
Also, I wonder the procedure to convert files from this site to be used in Navigon?
Can someone help me with these issues?
Thanks in advance.


I have 2 of the Navigons and they are working ok. They still support the map updates you just won't see new services from them. has a large navigon forum section with all the software tweeks and suggestions. They have set by step instructions on how to use POI Warner with it.


Hi mgreen2,

Thanks for the helpful reply; I looked into the site, but there are like hundreds (exaggerating) of topics on the issue, and as far as I could see, I could not find a how-to topic. I will be indebted if you have the link to post here.


As I have not received a

As I have not received a response, I tried the POI Warner and the result is devastating. There is a POI Warner folder in the root of my flash drive with files and folders named with incomprehensible characters. The folder size is 35.9 Gb! There is no way to delete the folder and its contents, as I always receive "system file" error each time. Does anyone now how I can delete this folder and its contents?