Tucson Dunkin Donuts


Since I'm new at this I don't know if this is the type of info you want on ths board, or even want at all.
The first location I tried to find in Tucson was Dunkin' Donuts. It listed three, so I headed for the closest, 2.6 miles away. The Dunkin' Donut shop was no longer at 4022 N Oracle Rd. There is however, dominating the block, a soon to be opened (within the month) Target Super Store.
My second choice was at 904 E University. I was able to buy donuts there.

Notify the Maintainer

Notify the maintainer of the POI file you downloaded. The CSV file is maintained by Counterforce and the GPX by ScrugneysGundogs.

If you are referring to the POIs that came with your unit, I believe that is one of the biggest reasons this site is here. The information on the systems is often outdated and not as accurate (point may be down the street from actual location).

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How to?

I'm sorry but I have no idea how to pass my message on to ScrugneysGundogs.

I can help you


Welcome to the friendliest most helpful forum on the Internet.

I can show you how to contact the maintainers of the files.

Go to the left side of this page to the Alphabetized List of POI Files. Click to get the list.

Scroll until you find Dunkin Donuts, open the file. You will see CSV and GPX. Start with one or the other. When you open that file you will see at the top of the page the maintainers name in Hypertext, blue letters. Click on the blue text and it will open a window with three tabs. View, Track and Contact. Click on contact and you will have a form where you can tell the maintainer you did not find the Dunkin Donut in Tucson where it was supposed to be.

It helps if you have an additional site to add the coordinates so the maintainer does not have to look them up, you might want to do that for the Target you saw being built in the Target file. You can find the coordinates on Google Earth of some other maping and GPS sites.

Hope this helps.

Dunkin' Donuts

Thanks I'll work on it.