downloading icons to garmin 750


I have been trying to download the icons to my garmin 750 following all the instruction and they will not load. Could someone please what I am doing wrong and how to do it right?

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I have been trying to download the icons to my garmin 750

Dont Put Them on your Garmin. Put them on a SD card.
I loaded icons on my Garmins main drive one time and it locked it up. I had to send it back to Garmin to fix it!!! Also make sure your Icons have the same name as your poi names and in the same Directory on your computer, your poi's are stored in. Send your poi's, icons, and wav. files on the SD card. It is much safer. I bet Miss POI remembers this Trauma I had.
Remember your wav and bmp files must have the same exact name as the POI Here is an example...
If there not the same simply rename the bmp and mp3 to the name of the csv. that way if you update your csv regularly, you wont have to keep renaming it.
1 Put all these files in one directory on your Harddrive on your computer.
2 Insall them with POI Loader. TO YOUR SD CARD!
3.After they install and you restart your gps it will say somthing like this.
NEW DATA FOUND ON DATA CARD. DO YOU WANT TO TRANSFER TO GARMIN DEVICE? Select NO NO NO!!! your unit will read them from the sd card. If something bad goes wrong like it did to me, all you have to do is remove the SD card and everything will be lovely again.


Are you using POI Loader to load them in conjunction with a corresponding Custom POI file?

Have you double (and triple) checked to ensure that the names of the icon and it's associated POI file are identical other than the file extension?

Have you double (and triple) checked to ensure that the files do NOT have any double file extensions?

Have you placed both the BMP and the Custom POI files are in the same folder on your computer?

Do you get any errors when you run POI Loader?

Have you zoomed ALL THE WAY IN (in a 2D map mode) on your GPS unit?


As Motorcycle Mama indicated, in order to see the icons, you need to be zoomed in pretty far (like 800' range) in most cases.

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grin Thanks you for the tips and this help me very very much. I like the way the icons look and I really want them on my garmin. Thanks again.

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