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I just bought a C530 and was reading this thread with interest. Here is what I have discovered on my unit.

The SD card is seen in the diagnostics screen. The only card I have is one I have previously used in my Kodak camera and Kodak had initialized it giving it a drive label (Kodak) and a few directories with a couple of files in some. I didn't want to erase these files since I believe they contain the sync information for the camera picture (file) numbering.

Despite all this, the C530 saw the card OK. I used the POI loader to load four files of POIs to the card. Three of the POI files had previously been loaded to the POI directory directory of the GPS main memory. The four files loaded to the card OK (actually, just one file with four sets of POIs) and after disconnecting from the PC I restarted the C530 with the SD card inserted. On bootup, the 530 "saw" that the card had appropriate files on it and produced a message to the effect that new data had been discovered on the SD card and did I want it installed on the unit in case the card was removed. I answered yes and the 530 "installed" the POIs to the main system memory. It overwrote the previous file and the new one contained the fourth file as well as the three previous. I don't know if the newest POIs would have been seen if I had not "installed" them but had left them on the SD card.

I will test some more. BTW, the presence of the Kodak files did not interfere in any way.

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Well, I tested some more and

Well, I tested some more and found the POI file may be left on the SD card or you can allow the unit to move/integrate it on the main system memory. I also found that the SD card can be inserted into the slot "hot" and the unit instantly recognizes it and asks if you want the POIs installed. If you answer yes, they are installed into any existing POI file in main memory. If you respond no, they are available as long as the card remains inserted. I believe it would be practical to have a single small SD card with all your POIs and insert it as required so main memory is not impacted. Another possibility is to have your main POIs in main memory and several special purpose POI cards available.

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i also have a c530. i do

i also have a c530. i do believe the red light poi and speed poi work better when loaded in the gps unit. i have a case with several location sd cards for specific purposes.