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I'm very new to this GPS phenomina, just purchased a Garmin Nuvi 680 and am totally hooked. LOL, I turn it on just to listen to the British accented directions (the Autralian voice is great too!)

Anyway, when I read about the POI's available I figured it couldn't hurt to download a novice question is, how does it work on the GPS unit, do these points of interest automatically pop up when I am in the vicinity or do I have to call them up somehow?

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Using custom POI's

1. After you've transferred custom POIs to your GPS with POI Loader, they can be found at this location:
Where to? > Extras > Custom POIs\

2. If you are zoomed in on the map, you should see the custom POIs

3. If you load them (POI loader (beta) in manual mode, you can set a proximity alert to give you an alarm when you are near them.

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Congratulations on your new Nuvi. I also have the 680 and love the thing.

To get started go to the "getting started" section of this web site. The link is at the top of the page under the tabs.

Read up on how its done there. Then you will want to go to Garmin's site and get the free POI Loader software.

Take a look at all that and I think you will be well on your way. Of course ask questions here if you have them.


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This is where my POI's are....

When I downloaded my POI's for R.I. beaches, the POI loader created a listing that is in in the "My Locations" category.

Hope this helps you find your POI's.

P.S. If you look at the Topic listing, there is a Newbie section that you might enjoy reading through.

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Location of POI's varies based on model

The location is different depending on which Garmin model. There have been various posts explaining the differences. Best suggestion is to look under the section for GPS models (2nd to the right of Getting Started). JM has done a good job of answering this question based on model.

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