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Height Version 11 (Altimeter)


You First

You beat me to this one.

It is a great little program that works as advertised.

For TripMaster or the generic TomTom unit?

Never heard of this, so I'll ask simple questions. Is this to run with TripMaster, or to run with a generic TomTom GPS program? I have both a GO 300 and a One 125 GPS. Are there writeups on how to copy your code into the GPS and enable it?

TomTom One 125, One 140S, Via 1500 and iPhone TomTom App

Does this work for Garmins

Does this work for Garmins as well? I only see Tom Tom mentioned in the installation instructions.

Ernie, - Garmin nuvi 855 / dezl 760

All the software

All the software on the site linked in the original post is for TomTom GPS units.

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Using Height

When you set up Height in your TomTom, it displays the altitude on the main navigation screen. You can select the size of the font, meters or feet, and where on the screen the display is located.

It is a nice little program that works well and lets you know your altitude above sea level.

Anything like this for a

Anything like this for a Garmin?


Garmingetz wrote:

Anything like this for a Garmin?

on the GPS Satellite Screen, the one you access when you touch the signal strength meter you get the altitude.

Thanx BiLL Solomon


Garmingetz wrote:

Anything like this for a Garmin?

On the 7x5 series, elevation is one of your choices for the data field on the navigation screen (just to th right of the menu button) .

Alan - Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra


Can you use this software on a C530?

Height 11

allbizz wrote:

Can you use this software on a C530?

No, it is for TT only. Sorry.

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