Albertsons POI file


I noticed that the Albertsons POI file hasn't been updated in about 4 months (since april 24).

There doesnt appear to be a link to an 'official' forum topic for the file....

There's for sure 1 location that's waaay off, the one closest to my place, that i'm at nearly every day.

So whats the proper way of submiting a correction?
THe one near my house has coordinates about 5 miles south of here, which happens to be about a mile off shore. I've taken a reading with my garmin near this store and one or 2 others this last week, and put them in my own coppy of the poi file.

So, any suggestions on submittting the correct info?

POI Updates

You can try contacting the file maintainer directly through their contact tab or, start a thread such as this and post the corrections and additions. Try to give complete information in the update including street address, phone (if applicable) and coordinates.

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Albertsons file

You can contact the author by this thread;

hate waiting

mahoney wrote:

You can contact the author by this thread;

Unfortuantely havent heard back from him, been 2 or 3 weeks....

Miss POI

Send her a message.

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