Michael Jackson dies


It's a pretty sad day, he

It's a pretty sad day, he was an icon!

ho hum

a heart attack? hardly a surprise

sad news

Farrah andMichael Jackson in one day. Makes me feel old

bak276 wrote: So sad

Yes an icon, but yes at times wierd.

Ditto... I've been noticing

Ditto... I've been noticing a lot of my personal icons have been passing away... definitely makes you feel old... still can't believe that he was 50!

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King of Pop MJ

Although Michael Jackson is dead, his music will be treasured forever. The King of Pop has made headlines again but this time it isn't happy news. Michael Jackson has been rushed to an LA area hospital, reportedly after having a heart attack. The Jackson family has confirmed that he is in the hospital, and that he is not in good shape. It seemed he was headed for a comeback. He was set to perform a series of concerts in London, which would, if Jackson recovers, get him out of trouble with his debts and put him back on top, and out of need for payday lenders. Michael Jackson was diagnosed in the 90s with vitiligo and lupus, and in the last few years needed some serious debt consolidation.

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he will be missed

I am sure he will be missed. RIP Michael.

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Wouldn't surprise me.

I would not be surprised if this doesn't turn out to be another overdose of prescription drugs death. It is becoming so common. Let's wait for the autopsy results and see.

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re: Wouldn't surprise me.

British papers are saying that he was only eating one meager meal a day and that the preliminary autopsy showed only pills in his stomach. He was so weak, it was questionable if he could even do the London tour.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.


Would be an interesting project to compile coordinates relevant to MJ starting with his Neverland Ranch. I wonder if that will become a museum attraction similar to how Graceland was transformed to memorialize Elvis.

Here you go

Don't know about the Neverland but I do have Michael Jackson's Holmby Hills (rented) house location:

100 N. Carolwood Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90077
Coordinates: 34.081556,-118.425588

I went there on Sunday afternoon to take pictures. Best place to take some pictures are at the corner of Carolwood Drive and Monovale Drive. Paparazzi and reporters camp out there. You can see a little bit of the front gate entrance to the mansion.

Yea he was a Icon alright,

Yea he was a Icon alright, He liked little boys!!!!

Very Sad

Very Sad

MJ will have a lasting legacy

Thanks to technology, we can all listen and watch MJ's incredible audio/visual performances.

In time, the negative images will fade and, hopefully, the lasting image will be his incredible talent for music and dancing.


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His life

yes he is dead but the saga will continue with the news of his kids for months.....

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