Can some on send me a copy of Garmin basemap


Hello, I have a streetpilot and I have a corrupt basemap on my CityNav. 2009 v.9 maps. Could someone email me a copy of ther gmapbmap.img file. Please.

I don't believe that is allowed...

Your best be is to call Garmin...

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The file is only 5mb so I'll just take my chances by someone emailing me it.

let me..

I'm certain the map can be sent via email.


You are correct, the map can most definitely be sent via email. But the map is also copyrighted material and one could theoretically be sued by Garmin for sending the map to another individual.

The chances of getting sued for copyright violations? Probably around 0.0000001%. But tell that to the women who just got hit with a 1.92 million dollar lawsuit for downloading 22 songs!!!


Will the ique 3600 basemap do the job



Did you call Garmin? Most

Did you call Garmin? Most likely if there's no response means people don't know.

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thats what I was trying to avoid


I just email Garmin when I need something. They have been very great at answering me when I need something.

If the map is corrupt the should be able to send you a dvd with it on it.

When I bought my Garmin I didn't know anything about mapsource and when I found out about it my map was out of date. They told me to buy the next one and I explained I didn't intend to buy the next map for a year or two and the support made me a copy of mapsource and my 2008 maps on a dvd and mailed it to me. They seem to go out of their way when you explain things to them.

Try to email them and see what happens.

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You should call Garmin

what you are looking to get is piracy if someone gives you a copy. Garmin will supply you with maps for any unit for a fee.

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I called up and asked for a replacement base map for my Nuvi 360 which was missing all sorts of data when it was purchased. They sent me a new base map (via email, file size = 3.9MB) - - it wasn't a big deal.

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She was hosting the songs

GadgetGuy2008 wrote:

... But tell that to the women who just got hit with a 1.92 million dollar lawsuit for downloading 22 songs!!!

And the rest of the story...
She originally received a $122,000 judgement for hosting 1,700 songs on Kazaa. In court, she lied again and tried to put the blame on her ex-husband and son. It is believed that the jury got angry with her lies and awarded an $80,000 per song judgement.

Soooo.... Just in case I might get caught and prosecuted, please forward $80,000 to my PayPal account to cover my legal fees. I will gladly send you any file you want from my Nuvi. Oh wait, MissPOI would also disable my account if I did that. Never mind - it's not worth the $80k.