Magellan SD card


I have a Magellan Roadmate 1200....all of the maps and POI are on a 1 GB SD card....the card has reached can I transfer that data to a 2GB SD card that I order to free up space for more POI's?
Unfortunately, simply copy - n - paste to the new card does not work...Roadmate does not recognize the new card??????

Hidden files

I use Linux' "xcopy" when I copy items off devices. Copy and paste does not always pick up hidden file. So, if there is a Windows equivalent of "xcopy" why don't you give that a try?

Or you could try calling Magellan customer service to see if there is a workaround. There may be a hardware limitation on the device.

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Another Way

Assuming that your GPS recognizes 2GB SD card, you might want to try disk cloning software such as Norton Ghost, Acronis TrueImage etc. to clone the 2 cards. There's a free cloning software at It's called DriveImage XML.

Note: I've never cloned flash disks. Cloning software works well on hard disks. I'm assuming that cloning software works on flash disks but I may be wrong. Worth a shot though especially if it's free.