Aviton GPS system


A girlfriend of mine got an Aviton GPS system. as on their website http://www.avitongps.com/ i myself have never heard of this brand and was wondering if any of you have heard of this?

she told me that it has redlight cam alerts and it even alerts her when she goes over the speedlimit.

she said that she bought the unit at Kohls department store. for around 70 dollars although Kohls had put a retail value on it of $220. and the funny thing Kohls had these units on a rack in the middle of the aisles. lol same place they put bulk sock packs on sale.

sounds like a pretty good unit im kinda curious of where this unit is made

thank you


PS.i have a nuvi 750 which shows the posted speed limits of the road that i am traveling on. is there any way that this unit will notify me if i go over the posted speed limit on that street?

Nuvi 3760LMT & Nuvi 750, Nuvi 755T Cobra 9980 radar detector

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