Forum Addict Types


As addicted to this website as I can be, I do read a few other things on the internet. I saw this article about "The Jerks of Online Forums" and had a blast. I did recognize myself and ... many of you ... among these types. I thought you would enjoy it too:

Please, don't take it personally!

Jale, I love it, thanks for

I love it, thanks for posting this.

Re: Forum Addict Types

Great article. Made me chuckle.

Yep, have seen them all - here and elsewhere.

Some of them can really put a damper on a thread.

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WoW, that was great.


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I liked the article but...

I think the author could have found a few more personalities to include.

I too, see myself in what was written and can project the same to posters here and on other forums I frequent.