New In Quebec: Mobile speed cameras


New in the Province of Quebec: The government will be testing mobile speed cameras on a few sections of Highway. Some of these sections are 9 to 11 Km long, is there any way of setting a speed camera file for a section this long. Also some parts of the section have different speed limits.



Red light cameras too

They are going to start using the red light cameras too.Looks like we will be updating the "red light and speed camera" POI soon.

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That's just cmaerea...ugh.

Yes it is

It's very unfair, however it's the trend of the future. Be sure to remember the folks that support them at election time is your best defense.

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Just uploaded the redlight & speed camera data

Not sure when/if it will appear, but I've digitised the list as I loaded it into my navigators and uploaded them to the site.

Keywords ought to be "Province of Quebec"

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