New red light cameras going up in Knoxville, TN


One camera can catch a driver speeding through a red light. Two cameras seem to accelerate speculation.

Many Knoxvillians have noticed an extra camera being placed behind existing cameras.

"Some people think they're just taking pictures, and some people think there is a speed trap also added in to catch their speed," driver Steve Turner said when asked what he thought the second camera was used for.

A bit of dirt marks where construction took place a week ago, at the intersection of Clinton Highway and Merchants Drive.

The same scene will be duplicated at all 15 red light camera intersections by March. New cameras are being planted behind older ones. The new camera will still only be looking for red light violations.

The new cameras belong to LaserCraft, Inc. LaserCraft was selected as the camera contractor after Redflex missed a deadline for proposals. LaserCraft is paying for the cameras that are being installed.

"Once they (LaserCraft) have an intersection installed, and the cameras are ready to go, Redflex will come out and remove their system. The intersection at that time will go over to LaserCraft," said Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Darrell DeBusk.

Violators will still be ticketed during the switch-over.

The new contract also allows for cameras at 10 additional intersections. KPD is studying its statistics before deciding whether to install any more.

Drivers we talked with say there are too many electronic eyes watching them already.

"You don't know when to speed up or slow down," said driver Candida Turner.

"It's really fast (the light), and you don't have a lot of time to think about what to do," driver Pam Killen added.

KPD told 10 News that the cameras produce results. DeBusk said police saw a big drop in crashes from 2007 to 2008.