cdl maps for nuvi 350


thanks in advance for any help/insight you can give on this question. I have a nuvi 350 and am a commercial truck driver. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any maps for the nuvi that would work to keep me off of roads and bridges that I shouldn't be on? I have heard of other GPS brands that offer these units, but they are not a known company. I bought my garmin because it was a garmin! I don't want to buy some off brand junk. Thanks again

There are no maps to add for

There are no maps to add for this purpose. There are a few POI files for low clearance and bridge weights, but they are incomplete and not totally reliable.

The CoPilot brand of GPS is specifically made for truckers and had been around for a while, and uses Rand McNally Truckers Atlas information and I think two forms of routing, PC Miler and Household movers Guide.

Also, do a search here, someone within the last day or so posted the model number of a different brand that does routing for truckers.

I think CoPilot is PC based and uses a receiver puck and a laptop, but I could be wrong. Check this source out, the host website is a reliable source.

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