DMV Department of Motor Vehicle Offices - North Carolina

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Last updated 01/06/2009

Raw file: NC_DMV.csv (39.82 KB)

Includes 268 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: NC, SC
  • some may be in: TN, VA (near a border)

A POI file of DMV offices in North Carolina, both Drivers License Offices and Plate/Registration offices, including part-time mobile offices. Data taken from the NC DMV website, coordinates determined from (which uses Google maps). In some cases government provided addresses could not be determined by Google or by MapQuest, in these a best effort has been made and a comment is added to warn of this. Please report any corrected coordinates.

Phone numbers and hours of operation included when available. Not included here but available if there is any desire are the county names and the zip codes.

Original file is provided in 4 line csv format with <br> formatting for 2xx and 3xx Garmin units, but data can be easily processed for any desired format. Please give feedback on desired format, This csv file was generated by a small AWK script that will fit on 1 screen with lots of blank space and comments, other forms of the data are easy to produce.


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