Raleigh NC speed traps - poi file bugs


There are a couple of minor problems in the Raleigh NC speed traps POI file, but they can be a real pain in you are in manual mode, setting proximity settings for dozens of files, and then hit this error in the process.

The issue is that lines 18 and 23 are missing decimal points. These files will never load properly in a nuvi. (Kind of makes one wonder how they could be posted but not tested.)

I can't find any way to contact the author or to comment directly to the POI post, so I'm starting a new thread here. If there is a better way to submit this problem, please chastise me about it so I can avoid the mistake in the future. Also, this didn't really seem to be a question about creating POI files or a POI project suggestion, so this seemed the appropriate forum, but if it fits better elsewhere, would a moderator please deal with it appropriately.


If the file author doesn't have their contact tab activated next to their name, then just send a note to Miss POI.

I have that fixed now. Miss

I have that fixed now.

Miss POI