Nüvi 880 battery question...


Does anyone know if there’s a battery available, for the Nüvi 880, with a higher capacity, then the stock battery that ships with the unit?

The battery life of the Nüvi 880, is rated at only 4 hours...

Thanks for your time.



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check with batteries plus!

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There are lots of supplier

There are lots of supplier out there. I found that I paid 5 times as much at store thena the internet.

Here one site that has great prices but its in Canada.I did ordered some from the US and I will need to find the site.



New Battery


I would like to purchase a longer lasting battery myself.

If they are not available, then I guess I'll have to purchase and keep a second fully charged spare battery with me.


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You might give these people a call, they have a good selection and if it's possible to do they will build a custom pack.


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