JM highly entertaining today.


I really should get a video of JM writing code and post it here for you all to watch. It is very entertaining, he has his head phones on and is listening the soundtrack for "Gladiator". He is going to war and will succeed. Big smiles and lots of head shaking is happening today.
miss poi

The efforts are appreciated

Hello Maryann,
Just a note to say the efforts are appreciated and the community is thriving judging by all the new "faces" I am seeing around here! Keep up the good work!


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it is so nice

yes the new faces are great, it is fun to scroll through the user list and see so many people with their pictures up.
JM and I are really excited that we are able to build something that is so useful to so many people. I am a people person and this just rocks to have so many new friends that share my interests in not getting lost:)
miss poi