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I was looking at the most popular list of POI's and I saw one with Zip Codes. How exactly are you supposed to use a zip code POI in a GPS? As you drive around will it tell you that you have entered a new zip code and what is the benefit to that? Thanks

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I have not used this file, since TomToms have it built-in, but what I've used 'Zip as destination' in the past has been for house shopping (I had narrowed down to zip codes, so I drove around the area to look for 'for sale' signs and get a feel of the neighborhoods.

Similarly, I've used 'Go to city center' on small road trips, for example, in the summer wanted to take relatives to Sedona, but I didn't have a specific address to start up with, but I was able to quickly punch a 'take me to city center' route and go from there. Something similar can be done with a Zip code.


I've downloaded that file

I've downloaded that file and use it to figure out what the surrounding towns when I'm in an unfamiliar area. I find it quite handy and simple to use.

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Several uses ...

One use is when the campground doesn't have the zip code listed on their brochure (for mailing, etc), you can look it up with the zip code POI.

A WORD OF WARNING: Just opening and saving this file with the default setting in Excel will corrupt the data in this file. All leading zeros of the zip codes will disappear.


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