POI File-No Alert (Garmin 660) First Timer


crying I've had my Garmin 660 for about 6 weeks now. Just came across this site. Read tons of posts, etc. Very informative!

I have problem though. I downloaded one of the POI files (Dunkin Donuts USA & Canada) as well as the icon and one of the sound files). I named them all the same in one folder, and successfully loaded it using POI Loader. (This is my first time every trying to do this.)

The show up under my favs/pois perfectly. However, I cannot get them to B-O-I-N-G or play the MP3 file when I am in proximity. I also tried to redo it using the manual setting/proximity with the POI loader software to no avail. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to rename the file w/REDLIGHT in the filename first? I just want it to say YO, DUNKIN DONUTS AHEAD! YAHOO! (LOL!). My husband made fun of it not working, so everytime I saw a DD I went BOING, Dunkin Donuts! Not the same as having the garmin do it though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Do you have the alerts turned on on your gps?

You said you loaded them in manual mode and set the alerts, did you set them for distance, if set for speed you would have to exceed the speed to get the alert. Also do you get any alerts? Possibly the volume is turned down or on mute...

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Alerts on POI File

Thanks for replying! I did use the distance feature on the POI Loader. I have All Alerts turned on and my volume features are all up. So can I deduce that you do not think it's having the file not having REDLIGHT (or one of the other keywords in it). In otherwords you think that's a non-issue?


That is correct...

The other issue could be double extensions in the folder, Go to the folder with the poi, then tools>folder options>view and make sure "hide known file extensions" is not checked. Now check the file names.....

It is terrible to speak well and be wrong. -Sophocles snɥɔnıɥdoɐ aka ʎɹɐƃ

I know what it was now!

Thank you again for helping me out. I know what I did wrong now. I looked at the files as you suggested and everything was fine. I reloaded again with POI Loader. Manual. Proximity alerts. I was reading from the Gary Hayman site how to test POIs with Simulator... then it dawned on me, somewhere in his text he mentioned 1/4 mile. I think I had put in 500 feet before. So when I loaded this time, I put feet at 1,320, and with the simulator it worked! I give credit to you and to his site (which you mention on here). http://home.comcast.net/~ghayman3/garmin.gps/index.html Thanks, thanks, thanks! I just finished backing up all my files and look forwarded to messing around with the TTS voices/words. This is the best site ever!


Special Folder on Hard Drive for POI

Please tell me if I have performed the creation of the folder for pois on my hard drive correctly. Here is what my directory looks like:

MyPoi is the subfolder, and nder it I have created additional subfolders for the different pois that I loaded on the Garmin 260W:

Inside each of the specific poi subfolders are the .csv files

Please, examin this schema and tell me if it is ok?



Looks fine as long as you don't create additional folders under the folders you have listed.

And when you run POI Loader, be sure to select the MyPoi folder as the source of the data.