Where the H#$% is Matt?


This link is a little off topic, but it does involve some travel. I can't help but smile when I watch this video. Again and again... It would be cool to see the the track on his GPS, if he's got one.
check out his web site too. What a cool gig.

(Hint: click play and then pause right away to let the video buffer up unless you've got the bandwidth))

That is a great video!

I wish I had had the presence of mind to do something like that during my travels...

Re: Where The H#$% Is Matt?...

Hi tfelber,

Matt Harding is responsible for what will be known, as the world-wide "bad dancing epidemic" of 2008.

If he's got the money to travel all over the world, he should have started at "Arthur Murray".

Seriously though, I loved the video...



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thank you and here is a url for some background

Must be the age thing but I'd managed not to watch that previously.

What an inspiring and joy evoking 4 mins.


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