Speed Traps - New Hampshire Tolls

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Last updated 01/18/2023

Raw file: Speed Traps NH Ramp Tolls.csv (840 bytes)

Includes 14 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: NH
  • some may be in: ME (near a border)

This file combined with the New Hampshire Toll Plaza file will give you the entire toll collection points for the State of New Hampshire Highway System.
There is one location missing from the ramp toll file (Hooskett I-93 at Exit 11 and Rte 3A) I'm still trying to find the co-ordinates for it.
A side cautionary note for travelers: NH loves to set speed traps on I-95 before the Hampton Toll Plaza. They usually set it under one of the approaching underpasses and use 2 vehicles. The vehicle facing traffic will have it's hood and trunk raised to block the light bars and give the appearance of a breakdown.(All locations are approximate.)


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