Map directions different on 680 and 760.


I just got my new Nuvi 760 and decided to put it through its paces, so I put it side by side with my 680 and made a 20 mile trip and set the route in motion. Both had the same map (2009), same setting for Fastest travel and both set for 'More' map display. The only difference I could tell was the 680 had MSN traffic and the 760 had TMC. Right off the bat, with in a couple of blocks, the 680 told me to turn right, the 760 said left. Numerous other direction had the same result in different direction. Ultimately, they both got me there but I couldn't help but wonder if it was just the traffic receivers that made the difference....and which one was correct. It appeared that the 760, with TMC kept taking me the 'Shortest' way and the 680, with MSN, always the fastest..because it always seem to choose direction that were a little closer to a freeway. Also, while the map scales were identical, at 800ft, while the 760 always showed the lakes and golf courses and parks, etc, the 680, also showed the names of the parks, golf course, lake, etc but the 760, never did. It only showed the colored outline of the park, etc. If it's the same map and same settings, why would only one show the names of the park, etc, the other one not? I guess too technical for me.

Level of map detail

There is a level of map detail setting that may make the difference under Settings.

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They were both set for

They were both set for "More".


Are those set the same?

It would appear from the post

LongAce wrote:

Are those set the same?

That more is more on the 680 than more is on the 760.... rolleyes

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Yes, avoidances ares set as

Yes, avoidances ares set as exactly the same.

Good thought, LongAce, I

Good thought, LongAce, I thought maybe the same, so I put the 760 at "MOST" and left the 680 at "MORE", but still the 680 showed the names of the Parks, lakes, etc., and the 760 did not.

simple solution

gerrydrake - it's obvious that you 760 has a problem ... the only solution that I see it for you to give it to me!! wink

on a more seriously note, you did mention that you had the same maps on both units, but are both updated with the most recent firmware updates and such?

Map Detail

Noticed on my 760 since I updated to 2009 maps I don't see many of the street/park names like I use to on the 2008 maps. I also noticed that while driving at higher speeds the display shows no road names at all. As I slow down or am driving on roads with speed limits below about 40 some of the names start to show back up. When I stop more information starts showing up. It seems like the display shuts off displaying the names to help refresh the map information. I have the display set for "most".

Yes, just used webupdater

Yes, just used webupdater for both.

Did you notice that when

Did you notice that when your moving and get to a speed of about 60 mph your screen zoomes out, then when you slow to around 40 mph it zooms back in, that may be why your street names etc changes with out you doing anything.

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It may be that the 760

It may be that the 760 updates slower. Does it have more frills than the 680? Try setting the display to less, or normal on the 760.

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