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I am looking into purchasing my first portable GPS system. I've been wading through product review sites & forums. (Aaaay!) One topic that I can't seem to find any information on is the compatibility of the GPS to an Apple computer. Is there a particular brand that is compatible? I'm looking for a simple no frills GPS unit (with talk to street) as I am technically challenged. Downloads etc must be VERY easy and straightforward. Thanks!

Garmin makes two

Garmin makes two applications for Mac users, POI Loader and Web Updater, both have been fully compatible with my iMac. POI Loader is used for connecting my Nuvi 360 and downloading POI's to it. Web Updater is used for firmware updates, voice updates/changes, icon updates etc. My iMac is a late 2007 24" Aluminum finish 2.8 Ghz with 4 GB of ram.

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And even the technically challenged...

Can find answers and help at this site...

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this should help.

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Pretty easy--

I don't have any problems using my Nuvi 660 with either my desktop mac (dual g5) or my MacBook.

Plug the thing in using the USB cable, and it shows up on the desktop (if you have a memory card in it, that shows up as a separate volume).

As others have mentioned, the software is there to maintain POI lists, and all the usual things.

Please check out the Mac forums, we'll be glad to help!

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rkaufmann87 wrote:

Garmin makes two applications for Mac users, POI Loader and Web Updater,

Garmin also has "Bobcat" for the Mac which is the Mac version of Mapsource !

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My TomTom works flawlessly with my Mac.