mac and the 360 (can you use csv files?)


Can you use the .cvs files with the mac?


Sure you can!

Yes, you can. You'll need a program to read them. All csv stands for is "comma separated values", so even a text editor will work.

Here are some other apps. that will open, read, and save as csv:

1) Microsoft Excel for Mac
2) FileMaker Pro
3) TextEdit (look in your Applications folder)
4) BBEdit (maybe)
5) Numbers (maybe)

I can't vouch for options 3-5, but I know for a fact that Excel and FileMaker Pro will do the trick.


TextEdit works

I can vouch for TextEdit. I use it a lot when ever I need to do very minor/quick tweaks to a POI file.


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What do you mean by "Use"?

arapaho wrote:

Can you use the .cvs files with the mac?

Do you just want to load a csv file onto the unit? If so, you should download the beta version of Mac POI Loader:

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If you change the ext to txt

Change the poi file from poi.cvs to poi.txt then most computers will recognize and open the file, but don't forget to rename it when you are through...

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