Anyone have Shuttle Launch Viewing Locations (POI)?


I have to be over in that area with my son during the launch weekend. All tickets at KSC ar esold out. Anyone have POI's aor locations of the best "offsite" viweing areas?

no lat/Long but good info

Should be easy using google map to find coordinates.

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Watch the Launch

Here are the coordinates of two places. The first is in Cape Canaveral and is an RV type park (-80.596671 28.4060029) off of Rt 528.

The second is in Titusville and is a public park that retired employees from NASA setup radio and TV monitors for ever launch. I've been to this one an is easy to get too but a pain to leave (lots of traffic). Go a little early and bring a picnic lunch. The park is off Rt 406. Coordinates are -80.804550 28.613511 If you have the time go to the NASA center for the tour, it is the best entertainment for the price in FL.

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Thanks for the info. Since

Thanks for the info. Since the launch is scheduled for 5:00 pm Sat I would imagine that it will attract quite a crowd at these locations.

It can get crowded

We were 4 hours early for a night launch and the place was empty. By 2 hours to launch it was pretty full but at launch time it was packed. People stake out little areas with blankets since it really is standing room only at launch time. There is a pier that you can also sit on and people bring telescopes to set on the pier. Basically it a big party.

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rogerhinson wrote:

Anyone have POI's or locations of the best "offsite" viewing areas?

-80.769923,28.479133 otherwise know as McDonald's Restaurant, 6857 N Cocoa Blvd, Port St John. smile

Actually, I'm only half joking...I had tickets to see the first (aborted) attempt at launching STS-114 ("The return to flight"). These were for the 'Astronaut Hall of Fame' and cost an arm and a leg (a non-refundable arm and leg, at that!).

As we journeyed up the highway alongside the Indian River(?), I noticed that there were any number of spots where people had just pulled over and 'set up camp'. They would have missed out on Nasa's big screen and commentary, but I bet they would have seen (and heard) just as much.

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Cape Canaveral

I have to agree that Cape Canaveral is a good location for watching the launch. We have some friends that live in Cape Canaveral and they just walk out of their condo, onto the private beach for their community and they're looking across the water right at the launching areas.

They get to see quite a few rocket launches as well as the shuttles. There are a lot of night launches for other rockets.

There are a couple of restaraunts right along the water on the North end of Cape Canaveral. They fill up fast, and you can get lunch, a few drinks and watch the launch.

Of course probably the best would be on the top deck of any of the 3 cruise ships that sail out of there as well.

I'd avoid stopping along the roadways or bridges, they are prime spots for getting hit or having an accident.

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