wrong direction?


someone told me that sometimes GPS can give you the wrong direction. how could a system that is globally navigated by satelite give you the wrong directions?

Who told you that? A gps

Who told you that? shock A gps might give you a route that you would not take, but wrong direction? The gps would just recalculate if you take wrong turn.

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I have noticed sometimes the

I have noticed sometimes the GPS give you a exit that is not the closest to youor destination.

longest way

I am planning to drive to Michigan from Cambridge ON Canada. My Nuvi250 is telling me to go the longest possible way? It should take appr. 3.5 hrs to my destination, crossing at Detroit/Windsor.
The Garmin is sending me around through Fort Erie which will take appr. 6.5 hrs. I am doing this from home and I know it will recalculate once I drive in the direction I want, but I can't figure out why it tells me to take that route?
So I have to agree with some of the previous comments, I just wish I new why?

did some reading

Just finished reading the post
"Garmin nuvi Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and Ideas"
This just answered my question. I turn off all but one of the avoidances and tried again.
This site is great. I need to read more

Did Some Reading

Thanks Outlook2007,

For others, that article is titled:

    NÜVI NEWBEE PROBLEMS - Maybe It's Your Settings

and is on page 4 of

Garmin Nuvi GPS Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and Ideas

which can be reached at:

  • http://snipurl.com/garmin_gps_tricks
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    Never Had a Wrong Direction(s)

    I have never had wrong directions. Just a route that may be longer than the most direct path especially of you know the general area you are traveling in.

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    gps told me wrong direction

    My 760 told me to turn off of a freeway to get to a destination and then told me to make a u turn which took me back on to the freeway it just directed me off of. So i kept going aways and then was told to turn around which i didnt, The screen across the top green bar said make a uturn, the distance to next turn (right lower )was still doing the countdown to destination.(the one it wanted me to turn away from??)
    There was no audible voices during this happening which lasted at least 15 minutes. I shut unit off and changed my destination for that trip!I found this to be very disconcerning!!

    Wrong directions are common

    Wrong directions are common using the 2008 map. Within 10 miles of my home I know of two cases of pairs of roads/streets that the map indicates connect but which actually don't.

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    My first GPS gave me the wrong directions once but that was way back in 2001/2002. It was due to a closed road that used to exist. Haven't had an issue since that one time.

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    celineny504 wrote:

    someone told me that sometimes GPS can give you the wrong direction. how could a system that is globally navigated by satelite give you the wrong directions?

    Dear 504,

    In Downtown Brooklyn, my unit tried to get me to turn onto a one-way in the wrong direction. The street used to be a two-way street.

    I was disappointed that there was no way to determine whether the "2009 map" would have been updated for such a change of traffic flow. I therefore have not upgraded to that map. I imagine that as this change is recent, the map will be upgraded in 2019 or 2020.


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    never had that happen

    I've found the maps to be high quality, but, a GPS is not an excuse to leave common sense at home.

    Some common things that can go wrong, as far as I am concerned:

    1. road construction or other road changes made since the maps were created could cause specific instructions to be inaccurate

    2. user error - I select the wrong destination, thinking I picked the correct one, at end up in the wrong place

    3. the route the GPS selects is suboptimal, longer than I would have selected, or takes streets I would not have selected

    4. the address number I am looking for is not located accurately or is missing from the map

    5. other mapping inaccuracy like a road that does not go through, but the GPS thinks it does; or the opposite; etc

    GPS is a wonderful tool, I've been using them successfully for more than 10 years, but the tool does not replace common sense. I always do my "homework" by reviewing where I intend to go, the route the GPS selected, and gain a general understanding of what I expect to encounter, all before I leave. I never follow the GPS "blindly", no matter how much I have come to trust it and rely on it.

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    I made a user error

    I was trying to head to downtown Chicago (about 40 miles early afternoon) and kept wondering why my nuvi 750 kept trying to direct me off of the expressway at every exit. Then I noticed that it said I would arrive after midnight. Turning it off or pulling the plug did not correct it.

    I suddely realized it was set to Pedestrian mode from a recent walk around Las Vegas (on business, no rental car). Oops! After changing it back to Automobile it took the correct route.

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