Total Red-Light Cameras


Just a little curious as to why the total never seems to change even though the red light locations are updated each week? It's been 298 for a long time.
For example:

"Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD Area (298)" Thanks smile

nuvi' 2450

That count is rarely

That count is rarely updated;)

I will see about getting those numbers tallied and see if they are accurate.

Miss POI

I did see the Dallas/Ft

I did see the Dallas/Ft Worth change a few weeks ago. Went from 199 to 211.

Quick question. Some of the ones in Dallas Fort Worth are not really redlight cameras. They are cameras placed on top of the red lights and used to monitor traffic. Also, one of the red light cameras is on the other side of the street than what shows on my 760. Still, all in all, it is nice to know when one needs to be careful! Thanks for putting the list together. I know it is a lot of work.