Hi guys,

Just bought a Garmin Nuvi 660 yesterday and so far it's awesome although I'm sure there's a ton of features yet to discover.

I look forward to joining in on the forum.

Paul S.


Welcome Paul smile
Read the FAQ and getting started pages. The links are at the top right of each page. A great introduction to whats up here. You'll learn alot from these fine folks.

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Hello and welcome to the

Hello and welcome to the addicting world of the POI.

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You found the right place.

Lots of info here, welcome to the group.

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Welcome to the site Miss

Welcome to the site smile

Miss POI


Welcome Paul,
You will find lots of useful information here. Not to mention all the great people!

Welcome to the site.


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Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard!

You made a great choice in selecting the Garmin 660. If you haven't tried the bluetooth feature, your in for a treat. No more cauliflower ear.


Great place to find info and

Great place to find info and learn new things

Thanks Guys

Thanks guys for the warm welcome. I'm off out to play with my GPS now!!