Map errors aren't always totally bad.


Traveling from Durham, NC to Chapel Hill today, my Garmin Nuvi 200 indicated that I should exit left. In reality, the exit I needed was to the right. So I just kept on, and let the Nuvi "recalculate". It took me off the interstate onto a secondary road, which annoyed me since it was lunch time and I had planned to stop at the first convenient place I came to. After a couple of miles I came to an intersection where I was supposed turn left. I suddenly realized that I recognized the intersection, but had always come to it from the other road. And directly across the road from me was Allen & Sons Barbecue, which solved my lunch problem. So, sometimes those map errors work out for the best.

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Or, if you don't use a GPS at all, you could go to the wrong place more often and find new restaurants smile

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I'm back to paper map now

I'm back to paper map now and only turn on GPS when I get lost.

Paper Map

I wouldn't be to hare on the gps. it is only doing what it's programed to do. I have had paper maps that didn't show a new road on it as well

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save a tree don't use paper

wellcum wrote:

I'm back to paper map now and only turn on GPS when I get lost.

Can you explain how can you get lost if you are using a paper map?

Biggest mistake the new users make is to expect that the GPSr can read their mind and follow known routes to the user, the unit is at is best when you have no clue how to get there or find your way when your are hopelessly lost.

I always carry mine in the car turned on the map page and not routing me, only use the Where To? for those occasions where I would have to reach for a paper map.

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Paper maps

Paper maps - what are these?

Just kidding! GPS is a great thing to have and I really do like the ease of getting around in new places I have never visited before. Sure if sometimes takes you in not the most logical route but hey - life's a journey, enjoy the ride.

I always keep a map of the area in the glovebox because you can't break a map ...

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