Why Can't (world map)


Why Can't Garmin Make a map software for the whole world? Like charge 1000$ for one whole World map downloadable for every Garmin. When it comes to memory issues the can add 1gb of internal memory to the new Garmin's/ still keep removable media option available

Any comment?

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1. No one would buy it.

2. It would be huge, so no current receiver could run or hold it.

3. Adding 1GB of memory to every unit would push the cost beyond what many users would pay.

4. Detailed GPS maps don't exist for many areas.

5. The vast majority of users have absolutely no need for detailed maps of the world. Those that do can purchase them for the areas in which they are interested.

If you are interested in the existing available WorldMap (which has basemap detail), you can check it out here.


Who the heck is going to pay

Who the heck is going to pay $1000???

Also, why pay for stuff that you don't need? I don't go out side of the states.

For those that do, it is called marketing...sorta like selling a car for parts rather then the whole car, you get a lot more money.

My two cents worth, but I do get your jist! Not a stupid idea.

PS. I forgot about the room it would take to hold (if possible) detailed maps.

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We have people here that complain that POI's are created for the whole USA when they are just interested in their city or state. I don't see a big market for a world map and money is what drives everything. Believe me, if there was a market for it, someone would have beat you to that idea. smile

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A different plan

If they wanted to be creative in marketing they could come up with a plan to pay $xx amount for so many maps (at a discount over the individual prices) - and you could buy them in one year or in several years (if you wanted to buy Europe or several years of the US).

You have to think carefully though about this. Electronic devices change so fast that a multi year contract may not be wise for either party. Garmin has done a good job of supporting past products and I expect that they will in the future, but what if you upgrade or change gpsr.


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no maps

There are many countries that do not have accurate electronic maps of their roads, and won't even allow them to be created. Others have the data, but refuse to share it, or want lots of money for it to the point of making it cost prohibitive.

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Some roads in other

Some roads in other countries have no names either, they are just some unpaved dirt road.